Bravely Bwakking Forward

a3015548789_10Our newest track, “Bravely Bwakking Forward” appears on the latest Materia Collective compilation album “SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix” – released August 18, 2017
(Listen HERE on Bandcamp!)

The Bwak Choir returns for their fourth Materia Collective appearance their third Final Fantasy theme cover, and their fifth recorded track as an ensemble! This is also a grand occasion as the second time we hear their chicks, last included in the track “Death Eggs Over Easy” for MOBIUS: Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed.

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Bwak to the FFX!

Bwak, we did it again:) Our latest choral arrangement, by Bonnie Bogovich, and performed by The Bwak Choir and our mini-me’s, the Cheep Childrens Chorus, will be featured on the newest Materia Collective album,  “SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X”, coming August 18th! “…Across 100 tracks, you’ll hear music in the styles of “orchestral, electronic, and rock along with Bollywood, disco, gypsy punk, folk and irreverent chocobo choir.”… irreverent, eh? That’s enough to make our feathers ruffle and shine:) Check out this great feature on the album at The Nerdist  #gameaudio


Bwak it up With Emily

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-2-00-57-pmEpisode 60 of the Game Audio podcast “Level With Emily Reese” features an interview with our Bwak Choir leader/arranger Bonnie Bogovich.  We were extra delighted to be mentioned AND during the interview you get to hear exerpts from two of our music tracks; “Waltz De Chocobo” from Final Fantasy VII Remixed and “Death Eggs Over Easy” from Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed.

Check out Bonnie’s writeup on her blog for more info about the interview!


Retronauts: Rock out with your Bwak out!

The-Music-of-Etrian-Odyssey.pngLast week Retronauts, “America’s favorite classic gaming podcast, probably“, did an episode reviewing their favorite video game music albums of February. We were delighted when they not only talked about The Materia Collective’s latest release, ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed, but they start the podcast saying “get ready to Rock out with your Bwak out” and they later introduce and play part of our track “Bwak Choir Cadets” as an example of entertainingly weird vocal music:) Check out their podcast episode here, they start talking about Materia Collective at 38 minutes in, and they talk about our Bwak Choir at 53 minutes in.


Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed!


Materia Collective proudly presents “ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed,” a loving tribute to the memorable music of Ivalice. Featuring 60+ arrangers from the VGM community, ZODIAC covers most of the classic soundtrack with interpretations that range from chamber ensemble to progressive metal — and the reappearance of Materia’s famed singing chocobos.

“Materia’s famed singing chocobos.” That’s us!

We are super excited to present to you our latest music track, and our second tribute to Final Fantasy, “Bwak Choir Cadets”, Track 27 on Materia Collective’s “ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed”!

You can also preview our track on Soundcloud!


Got Bwak? at MAGfest

15873418_922798404518130_4723136171957502149_nMany singing (and puppeteering) members of The Bwak Choir were going to be at MAGfest, so our fearless leader, Bonnie Bogovich, made a batch of home-punched buttons to hand out to our flock and fans.  The slogan “Got Bwak?” seemed appropriate so we went with that. It was such a hit, we decided to order the domain “GotBwak.com” which now redirects to this website. Stay tuned for some wacky group photos of our chickens from MAGfest!


Tribute Album 64 and Lon Lon is live!

Our latest musical creation is live! Check out “Link vs The Bwak Choir” aka “Showdown at Lon Lon Ranch” based on the tune “Lon Lon Ranch” from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We had a blast battling with “Link” from Super Smash Opera on this track and hope you enjoy the results!

Catch our track, and more by various artists for FREE on Tribute Album 64, a Patient Corgi project. “Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 with nearly five hours of video game covers…completely FREE to download! Over 200 musicians from around the world have teamed up to bring you 87 all-new tracks in this massive compilation album. – Patient Corgi



Link vs The Bwak Choir

tribute64bannerart.pngThe N64 Tribute album by Patient Corgi turned out to be a multi-disc adventure. You can get the full audio experience on September 29th!

Our track “Link versus The Bwak Choir” aka “Showdown at Lon Lon Ranch” will be featured on Disc 2: Water! We had a blast battling with Link from Super Smash Opera and hope you enjoy the results!

Want to listen and chat with the creators and fans online?
Check out the Tribute Album 64 Listening Party (Disc 2: Water) on October 10th!