Treated like a Thanksgiving Turkey

UPDATE November 7th, 2021: So… this happened. After a plethora of issues that came forth this year, including mistreatment of their staff, disorganization, scandal, and delayed, missing, or withheld payments to contributors on the platform, Materia’s record label posted this:

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 3.56.28 PM

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that this decision to remove ALL community albums from existence affects us greatly

, as six of the eight tracks we have produced in our lifetime were created for and live solely on those albums, including our first ever track, Waltz de Chocobo, which you may remember most from our official music video six years.

Our tracks that are being removed, along with their containing albums, include:

We are hoping to be able to re-release all of our musical arrangements in the future, under another label, or independently, but till then please be aware that you will not see our work on the following tracks on itunes, amazon, spotify, etc after November 30th, 2021. We will also not be making any new music videos until after we find a new home, but we WILL be making them!  

To all our fans and contributors/singers/musicians/mixers, we thank you for all you do and have done, and we promise we will do what we can to keep the Bwak Choir alive, so we aren’t just snuffed out like a Thanksgiving turkey… right after Thanksgiving. Oh the irony.

Please keep our social media channels and/or website on your radar for future announcements!  


2 thoughts on “Treated like a Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. I love you, Bwak Choir and I believe and your dream that video game soundtracks can – and should – be sung by chickens. Whenever your chickens come to home roost we will follow and support you!


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