Majora’s Mask and Mini Game

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 7.08.40 PMOur latest track is live! We are excited to return to our love of The Legend of Zelda with our cover of “Mini Game” from the Majora’s Mask soundtrack. We call it: “Mini Bwakky Cheepy Game”.
Take a listen to “Mini Bwakky Cheepy Game” on Bandcamp!
Full album “FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask” also on bandcamp, spotify, google play, and more!

FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask

Released: MAY 25, 2018

Track arranged by Bonnie Bogovich, mixed by Nathaniel Chambers and starring the latest flock of Bwak Choir singers:

Saoirse Mings, Amanda Laven , Ann Zeng, Bonnie Bogovich, Daniel Romberger, Ken Crouch, Ian Martyn, Julia Handschin, Jeff Brenneman, Jim Newsome, Joel Everett, John Robert Matz, Liz Rishel, Marcela Oliveira, Matheus Manente, Michael Garrett Steele, Michael Hoffmann, Nate Chambers, Brian Diamond, Ashley Lynn Watts, Bwakdon, Tia Maxfield, Zach Kohlmeier


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