Enchanted Bwaquet

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.28.34 PMCraving some spooky tunes for your Halloween weekend? Listen to this sneak peak of our arrangement “Enchanted Bwakquet” for the new Materia Collective project “Resurrection of the Night”, a special tribute to #Castlevania!!!

Materia Collective album info page
Bandcamp – Full album “Resurrection of the Night”
Bandcamp – Our track, “Enchanted Bwakquet” based on “Enchanted Banquet”
Track Details: 
Track instrumentals by Wayne Strange
vocal solo and bwak choir arranging Bonnie Bogovich
final mix by Nathaniel Chambers
Bwak Choir and Cheep Childrens Choir: Bonnie Bogovich, Brian Diamond, Daniel Romberger, Ian Martyn, John Robert Matz, Katelyn Isaacson, Liz Rishel, Natalie Ay, Tim Rosko, Wayne Strange, Sean Lenhart, Garrett Steele, Matheus Manente, Gwendolyn R. Schmidt


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