2 Years of Materia and Bwak

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Happy Anniversary to The Materia Collective and The Bwak Choir! It has been two years since Bonnie Bogovich formed our feathery ensemble, The Bwak Choir, which also means two years since the premiere of our first track (and music video) “Waltz de Chocobo” on Materia Collective’s first project, #ffvii Remix!
So many magical chicken tracks have been created and released with Materia since our hatching two years ago, from Final Fantasy to Sonic the Hedgehog… Bwak:)
Please celebrate with us and save 20% on all Materia Collective albums on Bandcamp this week with discount code MATERIAWEEK! #gameaudio

NOTE: “hey, aren’t a couple albums missing?”
Materia is adding its whole catalog to Bandcamp throughout the week, so if you don’t see anything you love yet (which we doubt;) check back the next day! We bet you’ll find something you like. Bwaaaak! And if you caaaaaant wait, everything is on iTunes and Spotify already:)



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