Bravely Bwakking Forward

a3015548789_10Our newest track, “Bravely Bwakking Forward” appears on the latest Materia Collective compilation album “SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix” – released August 18, 2017
(Listen HERE on Bandcamp!)

The Bwak Choir returns for their fourth Materia Collective appearance their third Final Fantasy theme cover, and their fifth recorded track as an ensemble! This is also a grand occasion as the second time we hear their chicks, last included in the track “Death Eggs Over Easy” for MOBIUS: Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed.

The original tempo of “Bravely Forward” is rather slow, trudging, and serious. We begin our track with the chickens in their chorus rehearsal room preparing for another concert. The conductor starts the song at it’s original tempo. One of the chickens, while the conductors’ back is turned, messes with the metronome after the first couple bars. Halfway through he turns it up faster, to the chagrin of the conductor. They fight over the metronome as the chorus sings faster and eventually they pass out after an impressive long held note!
We hope you enjoy our rendition of “Bravely Forward”, “Bravely Bwakking Forward” (because it takes a lot of nerve to go down this path!) Many thanks to my flock for following me again, and welcome again to daughter of Joel Everett, Emma Everett, for joining as our youngest bwak choir member!
-Bonnie Bogovich


from SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix, released August 18, 2017
Bonnie Bogovich: Producer, Arranger, Keyboard
Ann Zeng: Vocals
Brandon Guillot: Vocals
Brandon Strader: Vocals
Chris Trevino: Vocals
Daniel Romberger: Vocals, Trombone, Kazoo
Emma Everett: Vocals
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Vocals
Erich Schuler: Vocals
Hat: Vocals
Ian Martyn: Vocals
Jeff Brenneman: Vocals
Jeff Swingle: Vocals
Joel Everett: Vocals
John Robert Matz: Vocals
Liz Rishel: Vocals
Lucas Guimaraes: Vocals
Marichristine Storch: Vocals
Marjorie Halloran: Vocals
Matheus Manente: Vocals
May Claire La Plante: Vocals
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals
Natalie Ay: Vocals
Nathaniel Chambers: Mixing Engineer
Nautilus T Party: Vocals
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
SonikBuster: Vocals
The Bwak Choir: Performing Artist
Tim Rosko: Vocals

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